Pamela Ferderbar is a witty and wonderful writer, and her book is a great reminder of the magic all around us. A delightful and enlightening read for anyone who’s ever wondered, “why me?” Read it and get your chi flowing.

– Cindy Guidry, author of The Last Single Woman in America


What a laugh out loud entertaining well written book! Charlotte is a fun character and I love how she evolves throughout the book. The situations that Charlotte finds herself in are hilarious and make for great reading. I actually had a smile on my face for most of this book. What a fun story, take this book on vacation, you will not want to put it down.

– Cindy Servat, Book Splurge


Told with witty humor and genuine candor, Feng Shui and Charlotte Nightingale is a lighthearted and captivating tale of fulfillment and redemption.

– Jenni Herrick, Shepherd Express


“A deftly crafted novel of wit and whimsey, with memorable characters caught up in a story of unexpected twists and turns, “Feng Shui and Charlotte Nightingale” by Pam Ferderbar is an enormously entertaining read from beginning to end. Certain to be an enduring popular addition to community library General Fiction collections.”

– Midwest Book Review


Feng Shui and Charlotte Nightingale is a fast-paced, hilarious rom-com of a romp that’s not only laugh-out-loud funny, it touches the heart. I couldn’t help but to root for Charlotte as her luck changes and, once a hot neurotic mess, Charlotte metamorphoses into a woman she is proud to be – thanks in part to a handsome Chinese food deliveryman and some on-the-sly Feng Shui. In her debut novel, Ferderbar has created a lovable and relatable heroine in Charlotte. Add in the cast of wacky characters and smart-as-a-whip wit and Ferderbar’s comedic genius shines. Get ready for a wild ride. Get ready for Charlotte Nightingale.

– Samantha Vérant, author of Seven Letters from Paris: A Memoir


Pam Ferderbar’s debut novel Feng Shui and Charlotte Nightingale is the funniest book I’ve read in ages. Ferderbar’s wit and quirky humor kept me laughing, while underdog Charlotte had me rooting for her. The ending is unexpected – and so so satisfying. I cheered for Charlotte!

– Julie Tarney, author of the upcoming memoir My Son Wears Heels


It is one of the most hilarious books that I have ever read with a lot of feel good thrown in especially towards the end. Just reading the book made my ‘chi’ better and brought me good luck!

– Sumina Kapoor, NetGalley


I was happily surprised by this book. The characters were well nuanced, the pacing was spot on and the world was created well. But beyond that it was a different kind of fun read. It wasn’t a typical formulaic chick lit, even by the last four chapters I was still wondering exactly how it would end. I enjoyed guessing where the story would go and what the characters would do next. This is a definite summer fun read.

– Laura Nagore, NetGalley


I absolutely loved this book. It was light-hearted and funny. I’m not sure if I liked this so much because I was already somewhat intrigued by feng shui, or because I found Charlotte and “Frank,” Kwan and his friends to be easily relatable. This was a quick, fun summer read.

– Danielle Doman, NetGalley


I loved this book and I’m so happy to see that there’s more to come! When I read the description I just knew I had to read it. This was a light, fun read which was perfect because I didn’t want to read anything too heavy. The story is told primarily through the perspectives of Charlotte, Kwan and Joey with bits from other characters thrown in as well. Personally I’m a huge fan of books with alternating POV’s, especially when they flow as nicely as they did in Feng Shui + Charlotte Nightingale. This is the perfect book for summer!

– Brittany Stephens, NetGalley