I’m Still Laughing, guest blog by Simone van Kempen

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Note from Pam: When Charlotte Nightingale was published there was no one happier than my Swiss “sister” Simone, who since I met her 20 years ago has been there for me in so many ways. We have seen each other through much joy and great sorrow, and we’ve even worked together on some photo projects. Simone is the real deal; a woman’s woman, and a mack daddy photographer. She has graciously agreed to write a guest blog about connections, and the power of energy (feng shui anyone?). We had this picture made with my dad, Tom Ferderbar, in Los Angeles on May 14, 2012.


You know when sometimes you run into people and there is an instant connection? It feels like they’re your sister or brother? Somebody you’ve known for your entire life? It puts a smile on your face, there is this safe feeling that this person will be in your life forever. It’s like finding a house, a place to live. You walk in the door and you feel at home. It’s all about energy.

I met my sister almost 20 years ago. Her height, green-eyed presence, and especially her verbal expressions took me off guard (and still does). She was dealing with a lot (and I’m talking a lot) of quirky, funny, unbelievable moments in her life that she literally attracts. A different sister, Charlotte, came alive.

I’m still laughing.


Simone Van Kempen is a Los Angeles-based photographer who captures moments of love, happiness, sensuality, and joy. She is most happy making people feel good and chronicling their inner beauty with her camera. View her work at www.simone-photography.com.

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©Simone van Kempen, 2015

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