“Riot of a Book”



Feng Shui + Charlotte Nightingale

By Pam Ferderbar

Feng Shui +Charlotte Nightingale by Pam Ferderbar is a comedy of errors. A riot a minute. Wacky from page to page. A clever twist around each corner with a cast of characters you’d just love to get to know better.

Charlotte Nightingale in one word is chaos. She’s like the Tasmanian devil and no matter what she touches it seems to turn into a mess. If you think you’ve ever had a bad day, I beg to differ after spending a few days in Charlotte’s world.

Although told in 3rd person, the POV switches off between Charlotte and the other main character, Kwan. Kwan works at his father’s restaurant, the Emperor’s Kitchen, located below Charlotte’s apartment in Chinatown. Although Kwan ultimately plays a pretty significant role in the plot, he seems to me to be playing his part in the background-which works really well in my opinion.

Ferderbar does a magnificent job in bringing the characters and story to life for readers. We meet people like Charlotte’s “perfect” younger sister, Charlene, who is engaged to a doctor, Dr. Dirk – to her parent’s delight and her sister’s annoyance. The doctor is quite an interesting character all on his own but not the catch he might seem on the surface.

As aforementioned, Charlotte is a ball of chaos. She seems to thrive on it. The only person who seems aware of it and with any idea as to how it might be changed is Kwan, her complete opposite, a calming force. He is certain a little Feng Shui could go a long way for her. How he goes about it and all the events surrounding his attempts are quite entertaining.

Although some mild language and sexual content, I would say this book is okay for the YA to read, but of course that should be left to a parent to decide based on the maturity of their teen.

In conclusion, I’d encourage you to check this riot of a book out. Feng Shui + Charlotte Nightingale is a book I’d read it again if I had time. It is truly a good book! I can see it being one of those relaxed weekend books where you curl up and just read the day away. I hope my review has done it justice.

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